Erik Mørk Andersens    Paid with his life, unknowingly being the perfect scapegoat            

Erik Mørk Andersen. The perfect scapegoat of Scandinavian Star Oslo police were starting from scratch in search of a responsible arsonist, and Erik had a past as arsonist, it made it easy for Oslo police, to keep up with Erik as the person responsible for the fire at the Scandinavian Star. Other options where then ignored.

The fires Erik was known tohave caused in Denmark, where two fires when Erik was upset, and used this as a cry for help. The Scandinavian Star was Erik seen as happy, not drunk, of a number witnesses. Among other people who knew Eric from earlier. Nightwatch Solveig Ekerhovd spoke several times with Erik.

Erik died in the main fire (Fire 2) was found dead in his cabin same with Torben Porsborg who was driver of the truck Erik assisted. There has been 6 fires totally, and if Erik died in the fire number 2, the main fire, according to the autopsyreport from the coroner)

The police never found any evidence that could point to Erik, as he is acquitted of autopsy reports .
If Norwegian police had initially known to the ownership and comprehensive insurance that Danish police work with, so Eric had never been blamed.
The remaing question is whether Erik was placed on the Scandinavian Star as a scapegoat or if he was there by coincident.