Tor-Aksel Busch

Attorney General that seems to be on the wrong side of mass murder

Attorney General
Tor-Aksel Busch in Oslo, Norway, is the spider in a web, which for many years has
been fighting against the Scandinavian Star case should be

Tor-Aksel Busch loyaly follow up what his predecessor Georg Fredrik Rieber-Mohn had to hide for a
and inadequate insufficient investigators in Scandinavian Star case

Many Norwegians are asking them selfs how come this man is still in his position and who is protecting him.

Prominent and honest lawyers in Oslo, Norway has been demanding that Busch gives
a proper excuse for his sins in the Scandinavian Star investigation to the family of Erik Mørk Andersen





Nicolai Bjønnes

The prosecutor and police attorney that took a 133 000 US Dollar bribe

Police Inspector and prosecution leader Nicholai Bjønnes, has been the guiding force in the Scandinavian Star fire never was properly investigated, and that actual deed men were never apprehended.

With the arsonists and the ship's actual owners,  Nicholai Bjønnes had dinner together and went to party with in those days there was a maritime inquiry in Danmark.

Bjønnes attended secret meetings in Copenhagen together with Seaescape people, and lawyers from the United States and England, a scrap of paper as later came to light, says Nicholai Bjønnes as the happy recipient of a sum of more than 800,000 Norwegian kroner, as thanks for assistance. Not from the police but the people behind the ship in the USA.

Nicolai Bjønnes today operates as a lawyer in Oslo, Norway



Willy Haugli

The Police Chief that refused to look at others than the main scapegoat


police chief in 1991 Willy Haugli, was not in doubt, as he commented on the case to the Norwegian
: "Now closes, we discussed the state of the evidence, but we know that the Dane Erik Mørk Andersen attached the fire, and had he survived, it was he been charged, jailed and convicted,
said the
police chief. "

Willy Haugli followed the instructions from the Police Inspector Nicolai Bjønnes and Attorney General, an agenda that was between the Attorney General and the police Inspectorr but as Willy Haugli unaware.

The question is was Willy Haugli set up, or Willy Haugli in on the police scam about Erik Mørk Andersen?

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